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How do I change my password

To change a password, access your toolkit ( as  Package Manager by logging in with you rdomain name (without the www.).

A Package manager can change the passwords that you use for email, FTP, MySQL, MS SQL and your Package Manager.

For further assistance contact Technical Support (

Accessing your mysql database in your scripts

Please note, different scripts may use different terms to describe their settings. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Technical Support (
Most PHP or Perl scripts will require the same settings to connect to your MySQL database. These settings are:

Server / Host address: your domain name, prepended by mysql. (eg.
Username: This is the MySQL username.
Password: This is the MySQL username's password.
Database name: This is in the format username_db. eg, if your username is user, your database name will be user_db.

Using phpmyadmin to manage your mysql databse

phpMyAdmin is a collection of PHP scripts that allow you to remotely manage your MySQL database.

If you would like phpMyAdmin to be installed on your site, contact Technical Support (

Once it has been installed you can access the interface at When prompted to enter a username and password, enter your MySQL database username and password.

FTP Client Configuration

Once you have chosen an FTP client, the profile or configuration values for your client will need to be set. The steps to reach these settings vary depending on the FTP client you decide to use, and some FTP clients may use different terminology.

In your FTP client, set the following values:

Host address / server name:
Username: this is the primary username for you account
Password: this is the primary username's password
Directory: www

The directory may change to cgi-bin for uploading script files.

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